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9 Traits That Define A Confident Lady

9 Traits That Define A Confident Lady

There is nothing sexier and more appealing than a confident Lady!!! The way she carries herself and is not scared of being uniquely different. Its not about looks or brains its a whole lot more. Find out after the cut the traits and lets know if you agree…

1. They admit their flaws.

No one is perfect. As often as this is being sung around us, still a lot of us do not take it to heart.

Self-assured women not only admit their imperfections, they applaud them. They know where their strengths lie, where they can improve and when to step aside and let others take the lead. Trying to be perfect at everything is inefficient and confident women ain’t got no time for that. They love themselves for who they are — and for who they’re not.

2. They listen.

While self-assured women trust their own judgment, they are also secure enough to listen to others’ opinions. They won’t necessarily like what they hear all the time, but they don’t throw a tantrum just because their boss didn’t like their Presentation. They get that criticism should be taken as constructive, and that listening to others’ answers is a good way to get their question resolved.

3. They say no.

Now, some people may think this practice kinda spells “a stuck-up snub” but in reality, it’s pretty respectful. Confident women don’t over commit and they don’t make false promises. They just say no. Why? Because they’d rather state the truth and decline rather than tell a white lie and then flake out later. And, they don’t have time for everything. No one does. The difference is, getting stressed out and down simply isn’t on a confident woman’s agenda, so she makes sure to commit to things she’ll actually enjoy instead of piling every little thing onto her calendar for the sake of other people. Truth bomb.

4. They don’t conform.

Confident women don’t wear, say, listen to, do, or become anything they don’t believe in, because they aren’t walking cookie cutters. They have overcome the desire to fit in long ago.  Confident women don’t mirror others to find what makes them happy — they are brave enough to look within.

An applause they do deserve at this point.

5. They’re open to love.

Regardless of how brutal or shameful one’s romantic past may be, the opportunity for love is hardly off the table. A failed relationship is an opportunity. These women reflect on why it didn’t survive (he was stupid), work to better their own unfavorable behaviors (OK, maybe I told him he was stupid a lot), and then search for a more compatible partner (one who isn’t stupid).

Trying out my comic side.. but on a more serious note,

– confident women don’t let their past hold them back. They know they are worthy of a great relationship, strong enough to survive if it doesn’t work out and fabulous enough to weather the crappy outcomes.

6. They ask for help.

So important. These women know trying to accomplish everything alone is virtually impossible. Self-assured women don’t feel threatened or belittled by seeking help from coaches or counselors. Just like a CEO has an entire team to assist with daily functions, confident women have a support group ready to go.

Mental tune-ups are like sipping ice-tea at the end of the day to relax. They value a third party bringing out the best in them. Plus, they have someone to blab to about that epic slip-up with you-know-what at the you-know-where and stuff got real.

Ok so about the blabbing bit, would recommend you lay it all on someone who has your back and can advise you truthfully without sugarcoating it..

7. They own their feelings.

No matter what the circumstance is, confident women strive to understand their emotions AND own up to them. There’s no hide and seek happening with their jealousy — they let it all out.

Self-assured women take the opportunity to express themselves without blaming others, and confirm that they are understood. Then, they return the favor by listening to the other side. And then, they ride off into the sunset with their homies and get ice cream, because it’s all good now.

8. They release guilt

Guilt is supposed to be a temporary emotion. It pushes us to understand our actions, act to correct the mistake and apologize. But that’s it. Guilt is not meant to spam our emotional foundation. Confident women listen to their guilt, figure out how to right their wrong and then they release it. Wam, bam, thank you, spam.

9. They support others.

Now this is the real definition! Self-assured women love watching their friends soar. Cheering on others’ businesses, relationships and successes does not impede on any of our own accomplishments; it highlights them!

A strong woman isnt scared of helping others, her self-confidence allows her to appreciate the uniqueness of every individual.


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