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About Us

Crystal Digest is an urban online magazine driving social engagement for brands and their target market. Crystal Digest is an initiative of Visionary Impact Netwox.

Crystal Digest PR  is a Creative marketing, Brand development and management social-enterprise designed to provide promotional and project management – support services for brands / businesses.

We are focused on developing cost-effective, manageable and measureable audience engagement strategies and awareness campaigns. Positively positioning our client-brands both offline and online with the right content and conversation monitoring.

As a Google-Certified Digital Business Management enterprise, we have a seasoned dynamic team with specialty expertise in online audience behavior and engagement, visual and written brand communications, we are poised to drive visibility for our clients, ensure leads generation and grow an online brand-fan base all within the context of our client-company’s policy and objective.

The Marketing and Customer relations Paradigm has shifted, as online/digital media has become an integral decision-making tool for consumers hunting for new products and services. Hence an online marketing and management plan is no longer an option but a compulsory marketing strategy in today’s highly competitive and fast paced market, as a means to locate, connect and grow your brand audience.

If as a brand/business you lack the time, expertise or staff to maintain an online media presence, then let us help you develop and execute an effective online marketing and management strategy; this we would achieve by becoming familiar with your product, services and target market to increase brand awareness and customer base without compromising your brand policy and objective.

Online media can also serve as an effective soundboard to hear about potential issues, consumer complaints and to identify future innovation opportunities. As reliance on online media continues to broaden for products and services, it is especially impactful when used in combination with TV and radio to enhance recall, facilitate one-on-one consumer engagement and dialogue, as well as listen to what consumers are saying.