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Crystal Money

Does the idea of making some legit-no-hassle extra cash appeal to you? Have you signed up for many online referral programmes and still yet to make any money from it?

Don’t get phased out yet! Crystal Money is the ultimate solution to all those challenges.
Conceived with the aim to empower the capacity of “youths”, Crystal Money provides a continuous residual stream of cash for its subscribers..

What’s the Buzz about Crystal Money…
Crystal money is an empowerment initiative that enables its agents to earn money simply by harnessing their network influence.

There are 4 categories of agents and earning potentials:

Crystal Manager: manage assigned client-brand social media accounts for a monthly fee.

Crystal Connector: earn money for referring clients CLICK HERE for more details

Crystal Blogger: earn money for content you post on your blog CLICK HERE for more details

Crystal merchant: lets link you up with direct clients at a commission CLICK HERE for more details

If you are interested in earning legit – no hassle money then connect with us.. send an email to crystaldigest (at) gmail.com with the Subject: Crystal Money and a brief summary about you, your skills and area of interest, we would get you on board after necessary review.
Looking forward to your email.. Spread the word, help someone to help someone.




As a social enterprise, we are aware of the frustration and negative impact that lack of funds can have on youths especially in Nigeria with its high youth unemployment rate, hence we designed Crystal Money to try tackle the challenge been posed, by offering people a credible means to earn cash online without much stress, while at the same time helping start-ups and creative brands – businesses and individuals gain the needed visibility and reach their target audience at a very affordable fee.

We have spread the cost of a one month or sometimes one week online advertising cost on some “big-named” online platform across a one year marketing plan.

In online advertising and customer engagement, content is King! And many businesses either lack the capacity in funds or in expertise to engage their audience with the needed content as many “things” clamor for the online users attention (the online space is very busy with over 1 billion content been created daily and over 40 million Nigerian online users), and that is where we come in..

For us it is about making impact, helping online users / customers find service vendors and invariably helping service vendors not to only become more visible to potential customers, but also help them with access to information on opportunities – events, contests, jobs, business management tips and more.