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Crystal Blogger

Earn Money For Publishing Content – We are aware that there are lots of bloggers out there who spend lots of time curating awesome content for their blogs, especially here in Nigeria where internet service is poor and expensive not to mention access to power, yet these bloggers are thriving doing their thing for whatever the reason maybe, for that I commend you (trust me I know what its like).

No matter how small, it is my belief that every online user or blogger has a unique audience, even if it is just 500 regular visitors, if I just described you, then here is your chance to get some reward for your effort.

To be a crystal blogger
• you must be consistent with updating your blog at least 4times weekly,
• have a target audience and area of focus as regards your content,
• have good writing skills and capable of developing original content
• above all have an online influence-presence: minimum of 1000 facebook friends, 500 twitter followers, active Instagram account with interactive followers,
• a blog with unique visitors and site hits of over 500 daily then you can join our train of Crystal Bloggers!

You can earn money for unique articles and ads you place on your site and promote to your circle of influence within the online social space and that includes emails as well.

Hey if you feel you can be a Crystal blogger but don’t have all the requirements listed, still holla at us and we would check out what you have and see how we can get you on board if you show potential… Yeah! Potential and capacity is what we focused on developing, so don’t hesitate.