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Crystal Connector

Earn Money Referring Clients – either to subscribe to our brand directory service or any of our other services. The beauty of being a connector unlike other referral systems is that as long as the client does business with us you earn a 10% commission and that is for as many people as you refer, hence you can increase your earning potential.

For example you refer a client who subscribes to our brand directory service of ₦5,000 per month, you earn ₦500 and for every month they are listed you earn same amount, the more your referrals, the more money you can earn and as long as they are our clients you keep earning. This is unlike many online referrals that pays you a one-time fee for referring people to sign-up with them and most times you end up not being able to collect on the pay.

This is a win-win for everyone; the client gets quality service and increased visibility for his / her brand, you earn and the online users can get access to quality service providers thanks to you!

Once you sign up as a connector, you get a referral code that you give every client you refer to us, this will enable us record and track your earnings and you can get paid only when your cash accumulates to a minimum of ₦2,000, if your referral doesn’t use your code to acquire our services then you won’t earn on that client.