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IZ Adaptive Clothing Line – Meeting the Special Fashion Needs of Those in a Wheel Chair

IZ Adaptive Clothing Line – Meeting the Special Fashion Needs of Those in a Wheel Chair

With the focus of giving those in the wheel chair the freedom to express themselves through their clothes and have more style options, IZ Adaptive Clothing was borne!

Izzy Camilleri is one of Canada’s foremost and most celebrated fashion designers. For 30 years, Izzy designed custom clothing for an international clientele, crafted gorgeous collections featured in fashion magazines from Vogue to InStyle, and dressed film industry A-listers like Mark Wahlberg, Angelina Jolie, David Bowie, Jennifer Lopez, Daniel Radcliffe and Meryl Streep. 

The turning point in Izzy’s illustrious fashion career came in 2004, when a well-known journalist – who happens to use a wheelchair – contacted Izzy and asked her to design some fashionable, functional clothing. Inspired, Izzy accepted the challenge!

Izzy Camilleri realized she didn’t know much about the clothing needs of people who use wheelchairs and in the course of figuring out how to fill that need, she set-up IZ Adaptive Clothing

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With the launch of her new e-boutique in 2009, Izzy began making IZ Adaptive’s sartorially savvy, super-comfortable, groundbreaking fashions available to people in wheelchairs around the world – and gaining legions of new fans along the way.

“It’s the most inspiring work I’ve ever done,” Izzy reflects. “I feel like I’m applying my talents to something very important. My customers now continually remind me just how good fashion can make you feel – especially when it fits just right.”.

Camilleri’s line, which can be viewed online, features clothes that are cut to better suit a seated person. Adjustments are also made for people who have difficulty dressing independently. Seams and pocket placement are taken into consideration so clients don’t have to worry about pressure sores developing if they’re usually sitting down.




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