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#SaveTheDate – Twitter Chat on Ways to Leverage Technology For Socio-economic Youth and Women Empowerment

#SaveTheDate – Twitter Chat on Ways to Leverage Technology For Socio-economic Youth and Women Empowerment

The statement that “Technology has revolutionized the world” is more than just a phrase but a fact that can be validated just by the mere fact that you are reading this article – the medium of access – the internet and most likely via your mobile device.

In recent time, most of the new millionaires and world changers have done that by harnessing technology or some of its features to provide solutions or meet basic human social needs.

Rapid transformations have taken place in the global scenario. The contribution of Information and communication technology has been significant in terms of income and earnings, growth and employment generation. No doubt Nigeria and the world at large, has witnessed an unprecedented growth in the field of IT.

Apart from direct employment, IT has benefited women and youths in a number of ways and remains a viable tool of information and communication which is fundamental to empowerment of any kind especially for women and youth.

The numbers of Internet users and its applications are exponentially on the rise. In an upcoming Twitter chat with Adeoti Olusola and I (Cynthia Asoegwu) as the guest, we shall discuss “Leveraging technology to drive Socio-economic empowerment of Youth and Women.”

Hash tag: #ChatSola

Time: 7-8pm Nigeria Time

Date: Sunday February 28, 2016

Guest: Cynthia Asoegwu (Digital PR and Development Enthusiast. Founder, Visionary Impact Netwox)


Join us and let’s do this together.

Send in your questions and comments using the Hash tag.

@visionaryimpact @olusolaadeoti


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