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Shining through Seemingly Dark Clouds – Sneak Peek Into The Journal of a Cancer Conqueror

Shining through Seemingly Dark Clouds – Sneak Peek Into The Journal of a Cancer Conqueror

Today is a great day as I set out to be brave.

My Cousin sent me a book from America, where she lives with her family. The book is titled ”I Declare, 31 Promises to Speak Over Your Life’ by Joel Osteen.

I’m on Day 4 and it’s about – it not being too late to be all that you are created to be… I made the declarations and made up my mind to start writing.

Writing for me is a long time passion which I always shoved aside due to my state of mind and probably laziness.

What is the difference between laziness and lack of motivation? I have to look for definitions from the Webster’s dictionary.

It’s exactly a month to my 35th birthday and I’m still unmarried, live with my Dad and don’t have a company or a daily income generating business of my own. I really want to get married, live with my hubby, raise a family and have my own income generating company.

Dreams don’t die. At the same time, I am fighting the fight of faith dealing with a diagnosis of colorectal cancer barely months after thriving through the ordeal of ovarian cancer and chemotherapy sessions. Two cancer diagnosis in less than a year.

I must be a great light no doubt! I’m going to shine!

Beyond all of this, I’m grateful for my spiritual leaders, family, friends, colleagues, doctors, nurses, my amazing friend whom I will simply call AM and most especially the God of all creation who knows me by name.

It’s an amazing thing to know that I won’t die and that the Lord has me in great regard. How do I know? It is revealed deep down in my heart and I’m so glad about the future.

Thank God for Bible stories…

Joseph was sold so as to be killed and he ended up in the palace.

I know my experiences are necessary because I’m going to be in places I never thought possible.

I anticipate a glorious future and I embrace my fame now… I’m rehearsing greatness somewhere in my spirit. It’s in the obvious.

I’m taking a lot of anticancer supplements daily and yes! My anticancer tea is brewing, I love to take it with some dash of lemon slices-tumour shrinkers.

I trust God daily to show me the path of life, more and more… as the moments roll by…

Anyways though… This is the route my journey has taken and I blaze it with the consciousness that it is temporary…

It will be great to get your feedback though, – What do you think is the best way to find emotional stability during a health challenge?

From me… Ciao! Shine!



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